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Brian J. Smith is an exceptional and impressive criminal defense attorney.  Nicknamed the "Piranha", it is apparent from his 34 years of experience that he is a powerful adversary for the prosecution.  He is recognized for his professionalism, thoroughness, aggressive and effective style, and his cross-examination skills.  Judges recognize this, and prosecutors know he has been around the block and has the savvy to win a case.  He is well respected by all.

Brian has been practicing criminal defense for over 30 years, not as a prosecutor but as a defense attorney.  He has successfully defended thousands of cases and hundreds of trial matters.  He is a breed of defense attorney that will not back down when it comes to fighting for the rights of his clients.  He knows the appropriate time to negotiate and when it is time to go to battle in the courtroom, in front of a jury.

An active member of the California State Bar, Mr. Smith is a zealous and devoted advocate for the rights of the accused and has successfully defended clients in all phases of criminal proceedings, misdemeanor and felony, simple to complex.  From disposition to plea bargain to preliminary hearing and jury trial, he has handled it all.  A strong negotiator and excellent communicator, his representation includes, but is not limited to, alleged charges for theft/burglary, spousal abuse, assault and battery, DUI/drunk driving, narcotics, juvenile, sex offenses, fraud, three strike, manslaughter, and first and second degree murder.  Mr. Smith has successfully represented thousands of clients since 1978.

His knowledge of police procedure and prosecutorial tactics enables him to defend his clients to the fullest.  His use of discovery, evidentiary, analytical and investigative skill has proven most effective in obtaining the best possible results.  

When you are arrested, you need an attorney who will effectively and aggressively represent you.  Mr. Smith's track record speaks for itself.  He will discuss and explain every phase of your case with you, what to expect,  and answer your questions. . . And, he explains it in terms you can understand.

Mr. Smith has been a lecturer and guest speaker at numerous seminars including Phillips Graduate Institute, "Ethics and the  Law", and the Constitution Rights Foundation.  He has devoted his practice to defending the rights of the accused and is an active member of the California State Bar, California Public Defenders Association, San Fernando Valley Bar Association and Deuce Defenders.

With hundreds of successful jury trials throughout California, BRIAN J. SMITH is an effective, compelling and well respected attorney who believes the accused not only deserves a fair trial but he insists upon it.
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